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Envirolink Update - 10 April 2017 

New reports are available on this website (under Reports).

Advice Grant Funding

MBIE has requested that we put advice grant approvals on hold while they check their accounts. Hopefully this will be completed soon. According to our calculations shere are still limited funds available from the round of Advice Grant funding that opened 1 July 2016. 

Tool Round

Tool proposals for Stage 2 closed on the 24th February 2017 and full proposals were then sent for external review. MBIE expects review comments in the near future. Another Tool round will be run this year, closing in October 2017 for funding to commence 1 July 2018.

The tools projects for 2017 funding from 1 July are listed below:

  • Cost effective tools for monitoring urban waters
  • Interoperable modelling systems for integrated land and water management
  • Mobile technology to enhance public participation in weed surveillance
  • Improving Uptake of Decision Support System (DSS) Tools
  • Wetland Delineation: Soil Tool Development

Regional Council Revised RS&T Strategy 

The Regional Council RS&T Strategy has been revised and is now available in final form on this website. The strategy takes both a top-down and a bottom-up approach as it contains input from 9 Special Interest Group strategies. It has been invaluable in providing direction to the MBIE contestable funding round that closed mid March. It has also been used to provide input to the DoC/MfE Conservation and Environment Science Roadmap, to Biosecurity 2025, and to other MPI initiatives.


A Special Interest Group plenary session was held in Wellington on the 1st February 2017.

A SIG Science Strategy workshop is planned for Wellington on the 20-21 July 2017. The original June date needed to be shifted because of demands from Lion's fans for accommodation that week.

Last updated 29th February 2017.