A Regional Council Special Interest Group workshop was held in Wellington 20-21 July 2017. The workshop provided an opportunity for SIGs to share their current thinking on key strategic issues and research needs, but also to workshop issues that have been identified as important to SIGs and councils. In particular, the workshop  explored the role of Matauranga Maori with council science; ideas for improved science communication to stakeholders; and also the opportunity to identify knowledge gaps and areas where SIGs should be working more closely together. There is a report of Action Items that arose from the workshop, and it is currently in draft format. Workshop presentations and SIG strategy updates are also available.

Workshop Presentations:

1. Workshop report and issues and action for comment 

2. SIG workshop agenda

3. Workshop introduction

4. Science, strategies, roadmaps and MPI

 5. Our Land and Water NSC

6. Biological Heritage NSC

7. Mãtauranga Māori and science

8. Science communication theory in the real world

 Special Interest Group Strategy Updates

SIG Convenors were asked to present on:

  • New strategic issues facing the SIG
  • Critical cross-SIG issues that need to be addressed
  • RS&T priorities to address issues

1. Surface Water Integrated Management

 2. Groundwater Forum

 3. and 4.  Land Monitoring Forum and Land Manager Groups

5. Coastal

 6. Waste (to come)

7. Regional Environmental Policy

 8. National Air Quality Working Group

9. and 10. Biosecurity and Biodiversity

11. Regional Hazards and Risk Management

 12. River Managers

13. Regional Communications

14. Environmental Data