The combined 16 Regional Councils released an update of the Regional Council Research, Science and Technology Strategy in September 2011.

The combined 16 Regional Councils have released the September 2011 update of the Regional Council Research, Science & Technology Strategy. Our vision is to be effectively involved in the identification, development, and implementation of research, science and technology to facilitate the functions of Regional Councils for the benefit of New Zealanders. We also want to see that New Zealand is a world leader in environmental RS&T and that there is a process in place to ensure that science evolves and deals with issues before they become major problems, and that the latest knowledge and technology is appropriately implemented.

The strategy provides an overview as to what the regional councils require in research, science and technology including a process to achieve goals and objectives.

The strategy has been developed by a Science Advisory Group, which is chaired by Gary Bedford. Other members of this group include: Lindsay McKenzie, Tony Petch, Richard Bowman, Chris Ingle, and Grant Barnes.

Bill Dyck has been contracted to implement the strategy and will be working with the regional councils, the SIGS, and external organisations such as MSI, MfE, MAF, EPA, DOC, and the key research providers.

The 'Regional Council Research Strategy' 2011 document is available to download as a pdf below:

Research for the Environment - September 2011