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In 2019 the Regional Council's Science Advisory Group has had close liaison with the Health Research Council to comment on their draft research prioritisation framework and to provide input on research topics that would be of joint interest. 

The Science Advisory Group assisted RMG with a NZ Science Think-piece which investigated issues and opportunities around the NZ science funding system. Contact Bill Dyck for further information.

The Science Advisory Group and other council science staff had input to relevant National Science Challenges' strategies for Tranche 2 funding, including: Our Land and Water; Biological Heritage; Sustainable Seas; Science for Technology Innovation; Deep South; and Resilience to Nature's Challenges. Strategies are generally available on the challenges' websites. 



 Regional Council Science Workshop 16-17 October 2018

A science strategy workshop was held in Wellington on the 16th and 17th October 2018. This will involved SIG convenors, Science Managers, and invited guests, including the PCE and the Prime Ministers new Chief Science Advisor and Directors of National Science Challenges.


Material from this workshop is available here.



 SIG Science

A SIG Science Strategy workshop, "Integrated Science for the Future", was held in Wellington on the 20-21st July 2017 in Wellington. 

The purpose of the workshop was to prepare for the future by bringing together the various SIG research strategies and re-examining them collectively. We identified opportunities for actions in the research space that will provide the greatest mutual benefit and a basis for engagement with the wider research sector. 

Material from the workshop has been posted on this website.

2017 SIG Workshop - Integrated science for the future

 Post-workshop Landcare Research circulated three relevant reports on Mãtauranga Māori, which can be found at the links below:

Updated 21 December 2017

Regional Council Research, Science & Technology Strategy (2016)

The 2016 Regional Council RS&T Strategy "Research for Resource Management" is now available on this website. 

The Strategy incorporates key information from all the relevant SIG Research Strategies and addresses some of the key high level science drivers. A draft version of the Strategy was used in the recent MBIE contestable bidding round to provide direction to research providers.

Research for Resource Management: Regional Council Research, Science and Technology Strategy 2016


The Strategy has provided a useful reference in submissions to DOC/MfE's Science Roadmap, to Biosecurity 2025, and to MPI's Primary Sector Statement on Science.

It was also used in draft form to influence bidding to MBIE's contestable fund, particularly by NIWA and Landcare Research. 

Special Interest Group Research Strategies

The development of SIG Research Strategies was identified in the Regional Council’s RS&T Strategy 2013 Operational Plan as a priority. The reasons for this were to develop more strategic views on what was required by focus area (although several SIGS have taken a more comprehensive view) in order to influence MBIE investments and CRI research. The strategies (even in draft form) have been particularly useful in influencing the development of the National Science Challenges.

Special Interest Group research priorities are available below.

Special Interest Groups and convenors (as of October 2019)

Special Interest Group Science Strategies

(as of July 2019)