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ID Code Available Description
1 FW 1-NLCC1(external link)

Management of Gravel extraction by Nelson City Council

6 FW 6-HZLC4(external link)

Review of Horizons' Upper Manawatu Water Resource Assessment Draft Report

7 FW 7-HZLC5(external link)

Review of Water Allocation Project - Upper Manawatu catchment: Water resource assessment - Allocation limits and minimum flows; Technical report to support poilicy development

8 S 8-HZLC6(external link)

Defining Highly Erodible Land for Horizons Regional Council

10 C 10-WCRC1(external link)

Monitoring programme for Coastal Hazards for West Coast Regional Council Technical Note

13 FW 13-ESRC102(external link)

Dairy Effluent Management conclusions

15 TBD 15-ESRC104(external link)
Measuring impacts of pest animals on indigenous biodiversity in Southland: a report on a meeting between Environment Southland and Landcare Research
17 FW 17-ESRC106(external link)
Faecal Source Discrimination Trial: Environment Southland
19 TBS 19-ESRC108(external link)
Comments On RPMS (Plants)
23 FW 23-WCRC3(external link)

Investigation of Remediation Of Acid-Mine-Impacted Waters at Cannel Creek

24 FW 24-WCRC4(external link)

Potential impacts of emissions from outboard motors on the aquatic environment

29 FW 29-TSDC24 1(external link)

LiDAR for River and Coastal Managers Session 1

29 FW 29-TSDC24 2(external link)

LiDAR for River and Coastal Managers Session 2

30 M 30-TSDC5(external link)

An analysis of historical impacts and composition of the benthic environment of Tasman and Golden Bays

31 FW 31-TSDC6(external link)
Monitoring of riverbed stability and morphology by regional councils in New Zealand: application to gravel extraction management
36 S 36HZCL8(external link)
Updating the Land Use Capability handbook- a Scoping Report
40 MS 40-ESRC201(external link)
The effects of commercial sea-surface activity in Milford Sound: An initial scoping and information gathering report
43 C 43-HBRC2(external link)

Beach Monitoring and Management Plan

48 S 48-MLDC3(external link)

Approaches for Assessing Bacterial Removal In Soils

49 TBS 49-TSDC11(external link)

Ant Monitoring

53 C 53-HBRC5(external link)

Review Of Water Quality And Ecological Monitoring of the Taharua River

54 FW 54-HBRC6(external link)

A review and risk assessment of Toxic Cyanobacteria in the Hawke's Bay

63 C 63-WCRC7(external link)
Punakaiki Sea Wall Effects
66 TBD 66-HBRC15(external link)

Optimising Community Pest Control

69 FW 69-HBRC20(external link)
Recommendations on the State of the Environment Monitoring for Hawke's Bay Urban Streams
70 FW 70-HBRC10(external link)
Effects of sampling frequency on water quality trend analysis in Hawke's Bay rivers (1996-2005)
72 FWBS 72-HBRC8(external link)

Limiting nutrients for periphyton growth

73 S 73-HBRC9(external link)
Soil Cadmium
75 TBD 75-ESRC112(external link)
Managing Human Activity in Fiordland: A Carrying Capacity Method
78 TBD 78-WCRC8(external link)

West Coast Visitor Waste Management Strategy

79 TBS 79-WCRC9(external link)

Status of weed biocontrol agents on the West coast of the South Island New Zealand

80 TBS 80-WCRC10(external link)

Emerging weed issues for the West Coast Regional Council and their prospects for biocontrol

81 FWBD 81-WCRC11(external link)

A trial of wood decomposition rates as an ecological assessment tool in large rivers

83 S 83-MLDC7(external link)
Review of Soil and Land Resource Information Available for the Marlborough District
85 MBD 85-MLDC8(external link)
Mussel Farms and Marine Mammals
86 S 86-HBRC11(external link)

A regional soil quality monitoring programme for the Hawke’s Bay

88 FWBD 88-TSDC13(external link)
A Framework for Flow Management in the Takaka River Catchment
89 TB 89-Mldc9(external link)
Management Of Rabbits At Sites Where RHD Has Failed
91 FW 91-HZLC15(external link)
Examination of the Water Quality management approach proposed in the One Plan
92 FW 92-GSDC1(external link)

Potential impacts of on-site sewage disposal on groundwater

93 A 93-GSDC2(external link)

Aerial pesticide application

94 FW 94-GSDC3(external link)

Organic Waste To Land

95 A 95-GSDC4(external link)
Air quality (PM10) Monitoring Strategy for Gisborne
109 MBS 109-GSDC18(external link)

The development of marine biosecurity management plans for Nelson-Tasman, Marlborough, and Gisborne district

119 FW 119-GSDC27(external link)

On-site Sewage Treatment Using Single-Pass Sand Filter: Case Study Design for 5 Ora Street, Gisborne

121 FW 121-GSDC24(external link)

Suitability of peat filters for on-site wastewater treatment in the Gisborne region

122 FW 122-HBRC23(external link)
Trend analysis for macroinvertebrates in rivers: Harmonising statistical significance and ecological significance
128 TBD 128-NLRC5(external link)

Costs Of Deer In Northland

131 FW 131-NLRC8(external link)

Water Supply Well Coastal Hydrogeology

133 FW 133-NLRC10
Simple models of the relationship between well and spring flows in basalt aquifers
133 FW 133b-NLRC10
Appendix - capture curves
136 G 136-MDC11(external link)
Land Use Succession in the Marlborough Sounds
139 TBD 139-HBRC24(external link)

Report Weeds

140 TBD 140-NLRC15(external link)

Stoat Traps for Landcare Groups

143 TBD 143-ESRC204(external link)

Guidelines for determining and naming categories of plants in regional pest management strategies

144 TBD 144_ESRC205(external link)
Measurement of Impacts of Introduced Pest Animals on Indigenous Biodiversity Values in Southland
147 FW 147-MLDC12(external link)
A DIY kit for oxidation pond circulation studies
150 FW 150-ESRC113 Part 3(external link)

Transmission pathways of pathogens from domestic livestock to water - Quantify contamination of groundwater

150 FW 150-ESRC113 Part 1(external link)(external link)

Objective 3: Groundwater Systems

150 FW 150-ESRC113 Part 2(external link)

Monitoring of Pesticides in New Zealand groundwater systems

151 FW 151-TSDC15(external link)
Dissolved Oxygen Changes and Ecosystem Metabolism in the Motupipi Catchment - Implications for River Health Assessment
153 TBD 153-ESRC206(external link)

Biological Database For Environment Southland

155 TBS 155-NLRC18(external link)
Prioritised surveillance strategy for invasive ant species in Northland
157 FW 157-WCRC17(external link)
Nutrient load estimates for Lake Brunner
158 FW 158-WCRC18(external link)

Lake Brunner Modelling Thermal Stratification

159 FW 159-MLDC13(external link)
Flow Management In Marlborough's Small Streams
160 FWBD 160-NLCC5(external link)

Nelson Biodiversity Strategy: Technical Report

161 FW 161-NLRC19(external link)
Adequacy Of Puwera Stream Monitoring Design
162 M 162-NLRC20(external link)

Shellfish Safety Following Sewage Spills

163 M 163-NLRC21(external link)

Northland - Shellfish monitoring design and sites

164 C 164-WCRC19(external link)
Impacts of gravel removal from the coastline between Paroa and Blaketown
165 C 165-WCRC20(external link)

Managing and adapting to coastal erosion on the West Coast: Rapahoe

166 S 166-WCRC21(external link)

Options for Coordinating Soil Resource Information for the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

202 BD 202-MLDC14(external link)

Land use succession in the Marlborough Sounds

203 C 203-WCRC22(external link)

Managing and adapting to coastal erosion on the West Coast: Granity

206 TBD 206-NLRC23(external link)

The potential contribution of research to a proposed long-rotation, continuous cover, plantation forestry project with indigeneous species

210 FW 210-HBRC17(external link)
Heretaunga steady-state ground-water model
216 M 216-NLRC25(external link)
Ecological effects of intertidal oyster aquaculture
217 TBD 217-NLRC27(external link)

Economic And Environmental Risks From Feral Pigs in Northland

218 FW 218-NLRC28(external link)
Review of Information Relevant to the Impact of Black Swan in Northland
219 TBD 219-HBRC28(external link)

Pest Control Advice - Feral Pigs

223 TBS 223-TSDC18(external link)

Ecological Risk Assessment Of Exotic Ant Species In The Tasman Region

225 TBD 225-NLRC29(external link)
Options for restoration of cape ivy dominated sites using native coastal species, Glinks Gully, Northland
226 FW 226-HZLC24(external link)

Rangitikei River Phragmites Investigation

228 TBS 228-TSDC20(external link)

Oldman's beard report for TDC

229 FW 229-WCRC24(external link)

Research for sustainable intensive dairy farming: focus on phosphorus

229 FW 229-WCRC24(external link)

Factors Influencing Phosphorus Loss From Pasture

232 FW 232-WCRC26(external link)

Effects of hydrocarbons from outboard motors on lakes

233 FW 233-NLCC6(external link)

Design of a cross-section network for low cost monitoring of gravel extraction impacts, Nelson City

234 FWBD 234-NLCC7(external link)

Native Fish Distribution In The Nelson City Council Area

235 C 235-WCRC27(external link)

Seawall Design

237 TBS 237-NLRC30(external link)
Distinguishing kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum) and other sub-tropical grasses from temperate grasses in Northland.
238 S 238-TSDC21(external link)

Soil Visualisation Tasman District Council

239 FW 239-TSDC22(external link)

Monitoring of riverbed stability and morphology by regional councils in New Zealand

240 FW 240-TSDC23(external link)

Assessment of Affects on Fish Passage at Tide Gates Using DIDSON Technology

243 S 243-HZLC25(external link)

Jim & Ruth Rainey WHOLE FARM PLAN

243 S 243-HZLC25(external link)

Whole Farm Plan Template Feb07 Changes

243 S 243-HZLC25(external link)

Specifications of whole farm plans as a tool for affecting land use change to reduce risk to extreme climatic events

244 S 244HZLC26(external link)

Monitoring and reporting of whole farm plans as a tool for affecting land use change

245 FW 245-HZLC27(external link)

Instream Flow Assessment Options for Horizons Regional Council

251 FW 251-WCRC28(external link)
Lake Brunner trout spawning advice
253 FW 253-NLRC33(external link)

Environmental Issues Associated With Black Swans - Aupouri Northland

255 G 255-WCRC29(external link)
Geotechnical Methods For Assessing Foundation Conditions For Flood Control Structures
256 C 256-WCRC30(external link)

Managing and adapting to coastal erosion on the West Coast: Ngakawau and Hector

257 FW 257-TSDC27(external link)
Instream Flow Requirements in the Riwaka River and Implications for Frost Fighting
279 FW 279-HBRC35(external link)
Taharua River Monitoring Workshop
279 FW 279-HBRC35(external link)

Taharua River Monitoring Review

285 FW 285-NLCC8(external link)

Lower Matai River Bacteriology Monitoring Results

290 FW 290-TSDC29(external link)
Documenting and evaluating the Waimea water augmentation
291 TBS 291-WCRC33(external link)
Epro Deer Repellent for Baits Used in Possum Control
303 A 303-WCRC39(external link)
Multifuel burner emissions and air quality regulations at Reefton
313 FW 313-GSDC41(external link)
Sustainable coastal subdivision in Gisborne DC: Discriminating faecal source contamination of freshwater of coastal communities
315 FW 315-HZLC39(external link)
Limiting Nutrients Report Review
317 TBS 317-HZLC40(external link)
Review of Karioi Forest Pinus contorta Management Plan 2006 -2021
318 TBS 318-ESRC117(external link)

Prioritised surveillance for invasive ants - Southland

319 TBS 319-ESRC118(external link)
Status of weed biological control agents in Southland
320 FW 320-TSDC30(external link)
Faecal indicators in scats from Black Swans (Cygnus atratus)
325 S 325-TSDC31(external link)
An electromagnetic induction survey of soils in the Motupiko Catchment to interpret existing soil maps and assess differences relating to sustainable land-use change
328 FW 328-TSDC32(external link)

Motupipi Catchment Nutrient Management: A Landcare Research Integrated Management project with landowners of the Motupipi Catchment, Golden Bay, 2008

330 FW 330-GSDC44(external link)
Land application of vegetable processing wastes: Technical information for establishment and environmental monitoring of land application systems
331 TBS 331-ESRC119(external link)
Monitoring Weeds In Southland - a report on a meeting between Environment Southland, University of Canterbury and AgResearch
334 M 334-GSDC45(external link)
Potential Effects of High Sediment Loads on the Marine Environment of the East Coast of the North Island, East Cape - Hawke Bay: A Review of Existing Information
336 FW 336-NLCC9(external link)
Microbial source tracking Lower Maitai River
402 TBS 402-NLRC51(external link)
NRC regional management strategy for vertebrate pests
403 TBS 403-NLRC52(external link)
Measuring the reduction in abundance of pest ants
408 FW 408-HZLC41(external link)

Best Practice Phosphorus Losses From Agricultural Land

410 TBS 410-NLRC55(external link)
Formak Photopoint website instructions 30-04-08
414 FW 414-TSDC33(external link)
Development of decision analysis trees for faecal source tracking in surface waters
417 G 417-HZLC42(external link)
Cawthron Archival And Data Delivery Information System (caddis) Interim Project Report
420 FW 420-NLRC50(external link)

Guidelines for the monitoring and management of sea water intrusion risks on groundwater

421 FW 421-HZLC43(external link)

Best practice management of farm dairy effluent in the Manawatu-Wanganui region

423 M 423-TSDC34(external link)

Motupipi Estuary Vulnerability Assessment & Monitoring Recommendations

429 TBS 429-NLRC61(external link)
Biological Success Of Existing Weeds In Northland
430 FW 430-HBRC46(external link)

Implication of time step on crop irrigation requirements

434 TBS 434-NLRC62(external link)
Biological Success Of Existing Weeds Not In Northland RPMS
435 FW 435-ESRC120(external link)

Envirolink timelags future tritium estimates

435 FW 435-ESRC120(external link)

Age dating of groundwater and application to the Southland region

437 FWBD 437-HZLC45(external link)

A preliminary assessment of potential barriers to fish migration in the Manawatu River Catchment, North Island, New Zealand

440 TBS 440-NRC65(external link)
Update on the establishment and distribution of the clover root weevil bio-control agent in the North Island
443 FWBD 443-HZLC47(external link)
Assessment of threat of the aquatic weed elodea at Piriaka, Whanganui River
444 FWBS 444-HZLC48(external link)
Containment of aquatic pest plants in the upper Whanganui and Waikato Catchments April 08
445 TBS 445-HZLC49(external link)
Prospects for biological control of field horsetail
446 FWBS 446-HZLC50(external link)
A periphyton monitoring plan for the Manawatu-Wanganui region
448 MBS 448-NLCC11(external link)
Nelson Foreshore Reserves And Biosecurity Management
449 TBD 449-MLDC22(external link)

Tui to town

453 M 453-TSDC35(external link)
Origin and processing of nutrients in Golden and Tasman Bays
461 S 461-HZLC53(external link)

Assessment of Available Soil and Land Resource Information for the Manawatu-Wanganui Region

463 FW 463-NLCC14(external link)
High intensity rainfall analysis for Nelson
464 M 464-NLRC67(external link)
Review of Impacts to Pasture Production by Black Swans (Cygnus atratus) and Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) in Northland
467 TBS 467-HBRC53(external link)
Can the commercial possum fur industry help councils achieve their possum management goals?
468 TBS 468-HBRC54(external link)
An assessment of the potential threats to indigeneous biodiversity posed by cats in urban environments
472 A 472-HBRC55(external link)
Impact of carbon trading on the economics and environmental benefits of tree planting options - Hawkes Bay
473 M 473-MLDC28(external link)

Bacterial Contamination of Seawater And Shellfish - Marlborough Sounds

482 FW 482-MLDC30(external link)
The Marlborough Deep Wairau Aquifer Sustainability Review 2008
488 FWBD 488-ESRC211(external link)
Multiple stressor effects on stream health in Southland streams and rivers
490 FW 490-HBRC46(external link)

Development of solid phase adsorption toxin tracking technology for monitoring anatoxins

494 TBS 494-HZLC56(external link)
Best practice operational and outcome monitoring for pest management - a review of existing council approaches and activity
497 M 497-NLCC18(external link)

Preliminary assessment of the environmental status of Delaware Inlet

497 M 497-NLCC18(external link)

Preliminary assessment of the environmental status of the Nelson Haven

499 TBS 499-ESRC212(external link)
National weeds database report
500 M 500-NLCC21(external link)
Potential ecological effects of a proposed dredge fishing exclusion zone in Tasman Bay
502 M 502-ESRC213(external link)

Environment Southland Proposed Regional Water Plan - Comments on the Bacterialogical Standards

503 TBS 503-MLDC32(external link)

Does Conventional Control of Rabbits ‘Re-set’ the Efficacy of RHD at Sites. Where This Biocontrol Is Failing?

505 M 505-ESRC122(external link)

Advice on the Development of Appropriate Monitoring Conditions for Marine Farm Sites in Southland

506 G 506-NLCC20-b(external link)

Report on a Pilot Biodiversity Continuing Education Course in Nelson

506 G 506-NLCC20(external link)

Report on Marsden Park Environmental Education Programme in Nelson

507 TBD 507-NLRC72(external link)

Invasive Fungi Research Priorities, with a Focus on Amanita muscaria

508 FW 508-ESRC123(external link)

Linkages between land management activities and water quality in the Bog Burn catchment, Southland

512 TBS 512-HBRC63(external link)

Contribution of Immigrant Possums to Population Recovery and Potential Limiting Role of Fur Harvesting

516 TBD 516-NLRC75(external link)

Assessing Regenerating Totara on the Farm. A preliminary guide for landowners in Northland

517 TBS 517-ESRC124(external link)

Southland Regional Council Possum Monitoring Programme

519 TBS 519-NLRC76(external link)

Predator control to limit island reinvasion and restore the mainland, eastern Bay of Islands

527   527-HZLC57(external link)
Relationships between 1-day and 7-day MALFS in the Horizons Region
530 A 530-WCRC51(external link)

Reefton Air Quality Management Options

534 TBD 534-ESRC214(external link)

Review Of Biodiversity policy in the Southland Regional Policy Statement

537 S 537-HBRC59(external link)

Soil Data Sheets - Heretaunga

537 S 537-HBRC59(external link)

Soil Data Sheets - Ruataniwha

539 FW 539-GSDC52(external link)

Implications of the proposed NES on ecological flows and water levels for the Gisborne District

603 FW 603-HBRC70(external link)

A Commentary on Agricultural Sources, Transport and Impact of Phosphorus in Surface Waters: Knowledge Gaps and Frequently Asked Questions

604 M 604-HBRC71(external link)
Deposition and survival of microbes in sediments
605 FW 605-HZLC60(external link)
Annual rainfall maps for the Horizons Region
607 MBS 607-NLCC27(external link)
Options for managing biosecurity risks from recreational vessel hubs
609 FW 609-HBRC72(external link)

A review of current groundwater management in Hawke's Bay and recommendations for the protection of groundwater ecosystems

610 S 610-MLDC33(external link)

A Brief Scoping Study of Landscape Recontouring for Viticulture in Eastern Marlborough

611 TBS 611-NRLC84(external link)

Guava moth (Coscinoptycha improbana) mating disruption using asian peach moth (Carposina sasakii) pheromone dispensers

612 FW 612-TSDC41(external link)

Workshop to develop a classification framework

613 C 613-NLRC85(external link)
A review of methods for monitoring estuarine sedimentation
615 G 615-HZLC61(external link)

Horizons Regional Council - Envrionmental Education Green RIG Review

617 S 617-HZLC63(external link)
Correlation of LUC capability units into a single LUC classification for Horizons Regional Council
617 S 617-HZLC63(external link)

Correlation of land use capacity units into a single LUC classification for the Horizons Regional Council Area

622 FWBD 622-NLRC86(external link)

Ecological Evaluation of Manganui River Government Purpose (Wildlife Management) Reserve, Northland

628 MBD 628-NLCC31(external link)

Iwi Estuarine Indicators For Nelson

631 TBS 631MLDC64(external link)

Knotting nasssella tussock panicles; an experimental design. Marlborough District Council

632 TBS 632-NLRC89(external link)

A study design to assess the effectiveness of a modified trap-set for reducing by-catch of hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) in Stoat (Mustela erminea) Traps

641 FW 641-TSDC45(external link)

Current Meter Calibration Equations: A review of the adequacy of limited-range equations for New Zealand requirements

643 FW 643-HBRC890(external link)

Tutaekuri IFIM Discussion Document

644 FWBD 644-HZLC64(external link)

Prioritisation for restoration of out-flow stream habitat of coastal wetlands on the west coast of the Manawatu-Wanganui region

649 M 649-NLCC19(external link)

Delaware Inlet Fine-Scale Benthic Baseline 2009

652 A 652-NlCC34(external link)

Measuring District-Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions

657 TBS 657-HBRC86(external link)

Biological summaries of bindweeds (Calystegia) and other climbers

658 TBS 658-ESRC216(external link)

Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) Spread in Northern Southland

659 FWBD 659-NLCC35(external link)

Brook stream workshop Draft meeting summary - 12 November 2008

659 FWBD 659-NLCC35(external link)

Brook stream workshop conclusions and recommendations - 12 November 2008

660 TBS 660-NLRC91(external link)
Detectability of Small Manchurian Wild Rice Infestations around the Kaipara Harbour Northland Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery from Quickbird/KiwiImage
666 TBS 666-MLDC37(external link)
Knotting nassella tussock panicles: experimental design
668 FW 668-NLCC36(external link)

Automatic freshwater classification system for Nelson to generate annual classifications bas - (excel workbook)

668 FW 668-NLCC36(external link)

NCC Water Quality Score Card 2007

672 FW 672-HBRC84(external link)

Invertebrate Drift and Trout Growth Potential in the Taharua and Upper Mohaka Rivers: an Investigation of Effects of Dairy Farming

675 C 675-NLRC95(external link)
Measuring coastal natural character in eastern Northland
677 FW 677-TSDC47(external link)

New extended-range calibration equations for Small Ott and Pygmy current meters

679 TBD 679-WCRC61(external link)

Threatened environment classification for the west coast region, New Zealand

681 FWBD 681-NLRC96(external link)

The littoral macroinvertebrate fauna of 17 dune lakes on the Aupouri Peninsula, Northland

682 G 682-NLCC37(external link)

NCC Flyer Recyclable Utensils Serving Up The Facts April 2009

682 G 682-NLCC37(external link)

Comparing Sustainability Factors Of Disposable Catering Consumables

686 M 686-NLRC97(external link)

Risk Evaluation Of Dredging and The Potential For Harmful Algal Bloom Initiation In Whangarei Harbour

690 FW 690-ESRC218(external link)

Anatoxin early warning

691 TBS 691-HBRC90(external link)

REPORT PREPARED FOR NZ Regional Council Biosecurity Managers DATE: 3rd July 2009- short version

691 TBS 691-HBRC90(external link)

REPORT PREPARED FOR NZ Regional Council Biosecurity Managers Trends in vertebrate pesticide use and development: alternatives to 1080 - what and when?

694 FW 694-ESR219(external link)

The influence of soil drainage characteristics on contaminant leakage risk associated with the land application of farm dairy effluent

702 FW 702-HZLC66(external link)

Temporal variability in ecosystem metabolism of Manawatu rivers

708 M 708-NLRC100(external link)

Advice on identifying sources of faecal contamination in Houhora Harbour

718 G 718-NLCC40(external link)

Options for generating carbon units from the management of councils parks and reserves - Nelson

719 TBS 719-NLRC103(external link)

Preliminary Results from Pukenui Goat Control Analysis Using Bayesian Methods

720 TBS 720-NLRC104(external link)

Possum numbers in New Zealand

723 TBS 723-HBRC97(external link)

Outcome monitoring of pest management

725 TBS 725-GSDC57(external link)

Bindweed control methods

731 Coastal 731-NLCC41(external link)
Review of Nelson City minimum ground level requirements in relation to coastal inundation and sea-level rise
732 FW 732-GSDC74(external link)
Framework for freshwater planning Gisborne DC
737 TBS 737-HBRC100(external link)

Measuring the benefits of possum control for pasture production

738 TBS 738-HBRC101(external link)

Options for controlling feral pigeons Columbia livia in New Zealand

741 FW 741-ESRC132(external link)

Eigenmodel analysis of Riversdale aquifer and stream depletion model

742 S 742-TSDC53(external link)

Best management practices for applying biosolids to forests

747 M 747-GSDC61(external link)

Advice on the Enhancement of Infaunal Shellfish in Poverty Bay

748 FW 748-WCRC66(external link)

Effects of nutrient loading in Lake Brunner

754 TBD 754-ESRC221(external link)
Current and historic wetlands of Southland Region - Stage 1
769 FW 769-HBRC113(external link)

Overview of Catchment Scale Nutrient Modelling in New Zealand

770 TBS 770-HBRC112(external link)
Wide-scale predator control in Hawkes Bay
802 S 802-HZLC71(external link)
Horizons RC - LUC GIS database and mapping
805 TBD 805-ESRC225(external link)
South Island wetland MCI score
809 TBD 809-TSDC58(external link)

Soils and hydrology at Mangarakau wetland, Les Basher, Landcare Research, Nelson

809 TBD 809-TSDC58(external link)

Vegetation of Mangarakau Wetland by Bev Clarkson, Landcare Research, Hamilton

809 TBD 809-TSDC58(external link)

Mangarakau Data

809 TBD 809-TSDC58(external link)

Algae of Mangarakau wetland, Cathy Kilroy, NIWA, Christchurch

809 TBD 809-TSDC58(external link)

Freshwater Invertebrates of Mangarakau wetland, Alastair Suren, NIWA, Christchurch

809 TBD 809-TSDC58(external link)

The invertebrate fauna of Mangarakau Swamp, Corinne Watts, Landcare Research, Hamilton

810 C 810-NLRC110(external link)

Review of sand extraction impacts for Miller's Bank, Kaipara Harbour

814 S 814-HBRC115(external link)
Workshop towards a better understanding of soil hydrophobicity
817 TBS 817-MLDC42(external link)
Nassella seed bagging
820 S 820-TSDC59(3)(external link)
Sheep Dip Factsheets No. 3 - Arsenic
820 S 820-TSDC59(4)(external link)
Sheep Dip Factsheet No. 4 - Landowner and Occupier Checklist
820 S 820-TSDC59(1)(external link)
Sheep Dip Factsheet No. 1 - Sheep dips in NZ
820 S 820-TSDC59(2)(external link)
Sheep Dip Factsheet No. 2 - Organochlorine Pesticides
821 FW 821-HZLC72(external link)

Anatoxin production and molecular screening tool for cyanobacteria

823 TBS 823-HZLC73(external link)

Nodding thistles crown weevils - biological control

826 FW 826-GSDC66(external link)

Biotransformation of sewage in a trickling filter

827 MBD 827-GSDC67(external link)

Coastal development and marine mammals

828 M 828-GSDC69(external link)
Marine fish communities and land use in the Gisborne District
829 TBD 829-GSDC60(external link)

Coastal dwelling birds on the East Cape

833 TBD 833-GSDC72(external link)
Advisory note on restoration using indigenous plants - Wainui
835 FW 835-GSDC74(external link)
Review of groundwater information for Poverty Bay Aquifers
846 FW 846-HBRC122(external link)

Strategy for emerging contaminant issues

849 A 849-TSDC60(external link)
Assessing long-term PM10 concentrations - Richmond
866 FW 866-HBRC128(external link)

Monitoring Waste Water Discharges in Areas of Freshwater-Estuarine Transition

867 TBS 867-HBRC129(external link)
Minimising the impact of black field cricket in Hawkes Bay
873 A 873-NLRC117(external link)
Management of PM10 in Whangarei
875 A 875-TSDC65(external link)

Assessing the frequency and height of wintertime radiation inversions over Richmond

877 M 877-MLDC48(external link)
Ecological relevance of copped and zinc in sediments beneath fish farms in New Zealand
878 M 878-GSDC77(external link)
Assessment of the East Cape physical marine environment for aquaculture
879 M 879-GSDC78(external link)
Assessment of the East Cape marine water quality and implications for aquaculture
880 S 880-MLDC49(external link)

Land-use trends in Marlborough District: consequences for soil resources

881 M 881-NLCC46(external link)
Investigation into cement stabilisation of settled sludge
883 TBS

883-ESRC228 [PDF, 1.5 MB]

National weed distribution database scoping study
884 TBS 884-HBRC131(external link)
Environmental fate of brodifacoum in wildlife
885 FW 885-ESRC230(external link)
Land use and land management risks to water quality in Southland
888 G 888-MLDC51(external link)
Planning for change - Urban design and planning for a changing society
892 G 892-HBRC136(external link)
Integrated decision support systems workshop: summary and recommendations
896 TBS 896-HBRC135(external link)
Linking regional pest management activities to outcomes - a template
899 TBS 899-HZLC75(external link)
Future options for the management of rooks
901 G 901-GSDC82(external link)
Cook Land Site - sense of place assessment
903 TBD 903-ESRC231(external link)

Current and historic wetlands of Southland Region: Stage 2

905 FW 905-ESRC324(external link)

Setting flows in spring-fed streams: issues and recommendations

907 S 907-GSDC83(external link)
Poplar and willow growth during their formative years: preliminary findings from new trials
909 FW 909-GSDC85(external link)

Guidelines for use of constructed wetlands for on-site wastewater treatment

911 C 911-HBRC133(external link)

Scoping study for evaluating the tsunami vulnerability of NZ buildings for use as evacuation structures

912 TBS 912-HBRC138(external link)
Wide-scale predatory control
913 FW 913-HZLC76(external link)

Manawatu catchment water quality workshop - Sept 2010

917 FW 917-NLCC49(external link)

The potential for metal contamination in the Matai River

918 M 918-NLRC121(external link)

Scoping and development of regional surveillance plan for marine pests in Northland

919 S 919-NLRC125(external link)

Review of Northland soil quality sampling

921 S 921-TSDC57(external link)
Land versatility classification for rural 3 land Tasman District
923 TBS 923-TSDC71(external link)
Spring baiting for Argentine ants
924 FW 924-TSDC72(external link)

Improved understanding of groundwater movement and age in the Aquifers of the Waimea Plains

927 FW 927-WCRC79(external link)

Sediment guidelines for streams of the West Coast

930 FW 930-HZLC78(external link)

Review of turbidity and suspended sediment monitoring at Horizons Regional Council

931 FW 931-HZLC79(external link)

Continuous measurent and interpretation of dissovled oxygen data in rivers

932 FW 932-HZLC80(external link)

Lake Horowhenua review assessment of opportunities to address water quality issues in Lake Horowhenua

934 FW 934-NLCC51(external link)

Street sweeping - an effective, non-structural best practice for improving stormwater quality?

935 FW 935-NLCC52(external link)

Management options for Modellers Pond, Nelson

937 S 937-WCRC83(external link)

Guidelines for mine rehabilitation in Westland

940 TBS 940-TSDC73(external link)

Research on improving containment of Argentine ant infestations

942 FWBD 942-TSDC75(external link)

Ecological values and conditon of the Kaihoka Lakes and Lake Otuhie, Northwest Nelson

943 FW 943-TSDC76(external link)

Water quality patterns in the Motupipi River - Tasman District - 2006-2009

948 FW 948-HBRC139(external link)

Review of the risks of emerging organic contaminants and potential impacts to Hawkes Bay

953 S 953-MLDC56(external link)
Winery wastewater irrigation - the effects of sodium and potassium on soil structure
954 FW 954-MLDC57(external link)

A review on the impact of irrigation on age dating and geochemistry of shallow groundwater - implications for the Wairau Plains

958 C 958-NLRC127(external link)

Interpreting Northland's Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Results under Different Tidal Conditions

961 S 961-MLDC61(external link)

Environmental risk of effluent application to land

965 FW 965-WCRC86(external link)

Tidal and flood influence on water level in Grey Lagoon

971 TBS 971-HZLC81(external link)
Options for controlling peafowl in New Zealand
975 FWBD 975-HZLC82(external link)

Benthic cyanobacteria and toxin production in the Manawatu-Wanganui Region

976 FW 976-MLDC62(external link)

Groundwater abstraction from the Wairau Plains

977 A 977-HBRC143(external link)

Assessing trends in PM10 concentrations in Hastings

978 A 978-ESRC239(external link)

Assessing trends in PM10 concentrations in Gore

983 C 983-NLRC133(external link)

Weed control options for coastal sand dunes - a review

992 FW 992-TSDC97(external link)

South Island storm and floods of December 2010

993 FW 993-WCRC93(external link)

Disentangling effects of eutrophication and CDOM on visual water clarity in Lake Brunner: preliminary data and methods

994 TBS 994-HZLC83(external link)

Priorities for rook research

1003 A 1003-NLRC135(external link)

Airshed modelling for PM10 Marsden Point

1004 FW 1004-ESRC238(external link)

AquiferSIM modelling of the mid-Mataura Basin

1006 A 1006-ESRC240(external link)

Management of PM10 in Gore

1008 M 1008-TSDC79(external link)

Indicator bacteria modelling decision support tool for recreational beaches affected by the Motueka River plume

1009 C 1009-TSDC80(external link)

Refining the QINCCE methodology for measuring coastal natural character using case studies in Tasman District (Accompanying maps are avialable on the TDC website) link)

1011 FW 1011-TSDC82(external link)

Water economics and implications for water policy in the Waimea Plains

1013 FW 1013-GSDC93(external link)

Guidelines for irrigation requirements in the Poverty Bay Flats

1014 G 1014-GSDC94(external link)

Bokashi composting for food preparation waste

1015 S 1015-GSDC95(external link)

Sedimentation history of Waipaoa Catchment

1021 FW 1021-NLRC136(external link)

Accounting for dams in evaluating total water allocation

1024 M 1024-NLRC134(external link)

LTRACK - Predicting suitable shellfish restoration sites in Whangarei Harbour

1026 FW 1026-GSDC96(external link)

Poverty Bay Flats groundwater model development

1029 TBS 1029-HBRC146(external link)

Environmental impact of Brodifacoum use: monitoring residuece in wildlife

1032 C 1032-NLCC55(external link)

Developing adaptive risk management for our changing climate

1033 BS 1033-ESRC242(external link)

Wild ungulate impacts and management in lowland sites in Southand

1035 BS 1035-NLRC140(external link)

PAPP for stoat and feral cat control

1038 Coastal 1038-NLCC57(external link)

Combined storm-tide wave hazards - Tasman Bay

1040 FW 1040-WCRC100(external link)

Effects of CDOM on clarity and phytoplankton in Lake Brunner

1041 FW 1041-ESRC243(external link)

Potential for controlled drainage to reduce N and P losses to the Waituna Lagoon

1042 S 1042-MLDC68(external link)

Review of guidelines for the management of winery wastewater and grape marc

1044 TBS 1044-HZLC84(external link)

Looking for rooks: better surveillance and detection tools

1049 FW 1049-HZLC85(external link)

Water quality trend analysis for the Land and Water NZ website

1050 TBS 1050-ESRC150(external link)

Potential to use a generalised random stratified tessellation (GRST) survey design to monitor rabbits in Southland

1051 FW 1051-NLRC142(external link)

Effects of providing clean water on the health and productivity of cattle

1064 G 1064-HBRC154(external link)

Evaluating ecosystem services

1065 C 1065-HBRC155(external link)

Coastal Monitoring Using Moored Platforms: Regional to National Considerations

1067 S 1067-MLDC72(external link)

Web-enabling soil data for the Dairy Farm Effluent Storage Calculator

1070 M 1070-NLCC59(external link)

Nelson Haven Fine-Scale Benthic Baseline 2012

1072 S 1072-MLDC73(external link)

National soils database: a review and process for development

1074 M 1074-NLRC144(external link)

Faecal contamination of oyster growing areas in the Kerikeri Inlet and recommendations for source tracking

1075 BS 1075-TSDC83(external link)

Argentine ant - boundary control and reinvasion trials

1083 FW 1083-ESRC152(external link)

Analysis of groundwater level data - Waituna Lagoon

1086 TBS 1086-HZLC86(external link)

Could changes in rook population characteristics cause collapse of rookeries?

1088 G 1088-HBRC157(external link)

MyLand - Land use decision tool

1093 FW 1093-MLDC75(external link)

Review of macroinvertebrate sampling methods for non-wadeable rivers

1095 BS 1095-NLRC145(external link)

Data collection requirements to allow analysis and assessment of ungulate control

1096 G 1096-ESRC247(external link)

Seiching - Lakes Te Anau and Manapouri

1097 FW 1097-ESRC248(external link)

Ecological condition of six shallow Southland lakes

1103 A 1103-HBRC62(external link)

NAQWG - Research Strategy

1104 FW 1104-ESRC251(external link)

The effects of drain clearing on water quality of receiving environments

1106 G 1106-TSDC84(external link)

Discovery data

1108 G 1108-TSDC86(external link)

Mobile application for field sheets

1109 S 1109-GSDC101(external link)

Utilising the soil quality dataset - multivariate and spatial analysis of soil quality data

1110 S 1110-ESRC250(external link)

Utilising the soil quality dataset - multivariate and spatial analysis of soil quality data

1112 FW 1112-ESRC2252(external link)

The suitability of in situ filters and bioreactors for treating nutrient discharges in Southland

1113 S 1113-HZLC87(external link)

Common framework for assessing effectiveness of soil conservation works

1113 S 1113-HZLC87(external link)

Framework to assess the effectivenss of soil conservation works on potential farm risk and sediment loss

1203 M 1203-ESRC249(external link)

Risk of harvest-associated spread of Undaria pinnatafida in Southland

1204 FW 1204-ESRC153(external link)

Dairy manures and slurries - characteristics and evaluating current practice

1207 FW 1207-ESRC255(external link)

Updating nitrate toxicity effects on freshwater aquatic species

1214 FW 1214-NLCC64(external link)

Review of Nelson City Council river cross-section network for managing gravel extraction

1216 S 1216-NLCC63(external link)

Processing and classifying satellite imagery to assess the December 2011 landslide storm damage in the Nelson area

1221 A 1221-MLDC81(external link)

Definition of activity classes for industrial boilers Part 3 - applicability to other regions

1226 BS 1226-TSDC88(external link)

Status of control of Vespula wasps in New Zealand

1227 BD 1227-TSDC89(external link)

A fish index of biotic integrity (IBI) for the Tasman-Nelson region

1232 FW 1232-HZLC90(external link)

Assessing Turitea sediment starvation - impacts of the Turitea dams

1233 BS 1233-1HBRC164(external link)

Argentine ant property risk tool

1233 BS 1233-3HBRC164(external link)

Argentine ant dispersal risk analysis

1233 BS 1233-2HBRC164(external link)

Argentine ant property risk tool

1235 A 1235-HBRC166(external link)

Management options for PM10 - target burner numbers in Napier and Hastings

1235 A 1235-HBRC166c(external link)

Airshed Action Plan for Hastings

1235 A 1235-HBRC166b(external link)

Airshed Action Plan for Napier

1237 C 1237-WCRC114(external link)

Offshore faulting and earthquake sources West Coast stage 2

1243 S 1243-GSDC106(external link)

NZLRI Roadmap report

1245 FW 1245-HZLC91(external link)

Poor water quality Waiwiri Stream

1247 FW 1247-HZLC92(external link)

Groundwater science needs and communication of research deliverables

1248 BS 1248-HZLC93(external link)

Feasibility of biocontrol of Lagarosiphon major in New Zealand

1250 BS 1250-MLDC82(external link)

Non-target risks of using 1080 and pindone for rabbit control

1251 S 1251-MLDC83(external link)

Determining background concentrations of soil contaminants for managing land

1252 TBS 1252-HBRC179(external link)

Report on the effect of herbicide Taskforce on pasture species when applied to control Chilean needlegrass in pasture

1254 BD 1254-NLRC157(external link)

Review of community-based monitoring guides for restoration of coastal sites

1257 BD 1257-ESRC257(external link)

A monitoring approach for Southland's wetlands - Stage 1

1259 S 1259-HBRC175(external link)

An ecosystem services approach to the cost of soil erosion and value of soil conservation

1262 A 1262-NLCC67(external link)

Analysis of PM10 concentrations in Nelson airshed B

1266 BD 1266-HBRC181(external link)

The utility of a bioenergetics drift foraging model for interpreting rainbow trout habitat suitability - an interim report

1270 S 1270-TSDC93(external link)

Alignment of land special interest groups and the National Land Resource Centre priorities

1272 FW 1272-NLCC69(external link)

River cross-section data from the Wapuakua and Whangamoa Rivers: analysis of data 2007-2012 and implications fo managing gravel extraction

1273 A 1273-NLCC71(external link)

Source apportionment of PM10 and PM2.5 in Nelson airshed A

1274 FW 1036-HBRC144(external link)

Surface energy fluxes, vertical mixing, and oxygen concentrations in Lake Tutira

1274 FW 1274-HBRC183(external link)

Lake Tutira - historic water quality, monitoring recommendations and management options

1276 S 1276-ESRC258(external link)

The impacts of animal wintering on water and soil quality

1277 BD 1277-GSDC108(external link)

Longbush Ecosanctuary - assessment of baseline flora and vegetation by landform

1282 BS 1282-HZLC95(external link)

A workshop to explore the use of fur harvest to control possum spillover

1283 FW 1283-HZLC96(external link)

Opportunities to address water quality issues in Lakes Wiritoa and Pauri

1285 A 1285-HBRC184(external link)

Practical guidance on dispersion modelling - determining the need for PM10 offsets under the National Environmental Standards for air quality

1289 C 1289-TSDC95(external link)

Mean high water spring levels - Tasman

1294 BS 1294-NLRC160-c(external link)

Toxicology and ecotoxicology of PAPP - a publication

1294 BS 1294-NLRC160-a(external link)

Predator control and PAPP - a brochure

1294 BS 1294-NLRC160-b(external link)

Review of the toxicology and ecotoxicology of PAPP in relation to its use as a new predator control tool in NZ

1296 BS 1296-NLRC161(external link)

Dung beetle risk evaluation: no evidence that brushtail possums forage on exotic pastoral dung beetles in NZ

1297 BD 1297-NLRC162(external link)

Background information on status and restoration options for sand daphne (Pimelea villosa) relevant to Northland

1300 TBS 1300-HZLC98(external link)

Central Plateau invasive legume distribution map - Dec 2012

1306 TBS 1306-5-ESRC259(external link)

Cortadaria model for Environment Southland

1306 TBS 1306-4-ESRC259(external link)

Gunnera model for Environment Southland

1306 TBS 1306-2-ESRC259(external link)

Passiflora model for Environment Southland

1306 TBS 1306-3-ESRC259(external link)

Heracleum model for Environment Southland

1306 TBS 1306-1ESRC259(external link)

Tradescantia model for Environment Southland

1402 FW 1402-MLDC88(external link)

Marlborough District Council infiltration gallery investigation

1402 FW 1402-2MLDC88(external link)

Infiltration gallery guidelines

1405 BS 1405-ESRC260(external link)

Report showing future climate suitability of five pest plants - Southland

1407 FW 1407-NLCC74(external link)

River planform and cross-section changes in the Whangamoa River near the Kokorua lowland forest remnant

1414 BS 1414-TSDC100(external link)

Options for the biological control of Vespula wasp

1416 BS 1416-HZLC102(external link)

The effects of possum fur harvest on reducing post-control possum recovery on adjacent land

1418 M 1418-NLCC76(external link)

Preliminary Assessment of the Environmental Status of the Whangamoa Inlet, Nelson

1419 FW 1419-HZLC103(external link)

Groundwater lag times in the water discharges from the Whanganui Rangitikei and Manawatu catchments

1420 FW 1420-HZLC104(external link)

Hydrogeology of the Upper Manawatu and Mangatainoka Catchments Tararua

1424 C 1424-3NLCC77(external link)

Coastal buoy controller - cape PCB

1424 C 1424-1NLCC77(external link)

Development of a low-cost open-source buoy controller

1424 C 1424-4NLCC77(external link)

Coastal buoy controller - bill of materials

1424 C 1424-2NLCC77(external link)

Coastal buoy controller - cape schematic

1425 FW 1425-MLDC89(external link)

Recommended water quality standards for MDC plan update

1429 M 1429-TSDC101(external link)

Towards and integrated monitoring programme for Nelson Bays coastal marine area

1430 M 1430-NLCC78(external link)

Towards an integrated monitoring programme for Nelson Bays coastal marine area

1433 FW 1433-HBRC197(external link)

Rapid rivers and streams habitat assessment workshop

1435 BS 1435-HBRC196(external link)

Does control of introduced predators lead to greater abundance of rabbits?

1436 M 1436-HBRC199(external link)

Remote sensing of water quality in Hawke Bay

1438 FW 1438-HBRC195(external link)

Phosphorus retention and movement through stony soils

1440 S 1440-ESRC261(external link)

Delineating tile drain networks using infrared imagery from drones

1442 S 1442-HBRC200(external link)

Strategic roadmap for land and water research

1443 S 1443-HBRC194(external link)

Hawkes Bay Region background soil concentrations for managing soil quality

1445 FWBD 1445-WCRC129(external link)

Effects of suspended sediment on freshwater fish

1446 BS 1446-HBRC201(external link)

Experimental protocol to test pasture species susceptibility to the herbicide flupropanate

1452 FW 1452-HZLC106(external link)

A long-term monitoring programme to assess the effectivesness of two stream restoration projects in the Manawatu Region

1454 FW 1454-HZLC108(external link)

The effects of river flow and nutrients on Phormium abundance and toxin production in rivers of the Manawatu-Whanganui Region

1463 M 1463-2MLDC63(external link)

Marine farming monitoring workshop - part 2

1463 M 1463-1MLDC93(external link)

Marine farming monitoring workshop - part 1

1465 FW 1465-GSDC116(external link)

Freshwater quality monitoring in the Gisborne District

1467  FW 1467-HZLC109(external link)  Lake Horowhenua Water Balance and Lake Health Assessment
1470 BS 1470-NLRC171(external link)

Biosecurity status of non-native freshwater fish species in Northland

1471 BS 1471-NLRC172(external link)

Progress on the eradication of Argentine ants

1472 S 1472-TSDC103(external link)

Guidance for assessment of sites in accordance with category A10 of the Hazardous and Activities Industry List

1473 S 1473-TSDC104(external link)

Review of potential soil contamination issues from pesticide use in productive land and sports fields

1474 BS 1474-ESRC265(external link)

Strategic roadmap for biosecurity and biodiversity research

1476 FW 1476-ESRC266(external link)

Contaminant load calculator

1501 FW 1501-ESRC268(external link)

Updating MCI tolerance values for freshwater invertebrate taxa

1503 A 1503-ESRC267(external link)

Sources and transport of particulate matter on an hourly time-scale in Invercargill 2015

1504 A 1504-NLCC83(external link)

Assessment of trends in PM10 concentrations in Airshed A and evaluation of airshed capacity.




1508-HZLC111(external link)

Monitoring the Ecological Effects of Phormidium on Macroinvertebrate Communities.pdf 

1509 FW 1509-HZLC112(external link)

Nitrogen leaching estimates for sheep and beef farming in the Mangatainoka catchment

1510 FWBD 1510-HZLC113(external link)

Testing the Effectiveness of Fish Passage Solutions

1514 FW 1514-MLDC96(external link)

Wairau River - Wairau Aquifer interaction report

1516 C 1516-GSDC118(external link)

Options for creating a DEM of the Gisborne District coastal area

1517 BS 1517-ESRC158(external link)

Options for updating large mammal distributions and relative abundance in New Zealand

1519 FW 1519-NLRC174(external link)

National rapid habitat assessment protocol for streams and rivers

1520 M 1520-MLDC97(external link)

The history of benthic change in Pelorus Sound (Te Hoiere), Marlborough

1522 FW 1522-HZLC116(external link)

Climate change impacts on water quality outcomes from the Sustainable Land Use Initiative (SLUI)

1526 M 1526-NLCC84(external link)

Tools and infrastructure for managing biosecurity risks from vessel pathways in the top of the south region

1527 G 1527-GSDC119(external link)

Gisborne District risk assessment

1530 M 1530-MLDC98(external link)

A review of total free sulphide concentrations in relation to salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds

1532 S 1532-GSDC120(external link)

Land Use Capability Information Recovery: A Gisborne Example

1535 C 1535-HBRC207(external link)

Guiding coastal and marine resource management

1536 BD 1536-NLRC178(external link)

Developing the scope for a national fish passage assessment tool

1537 M 1537-MLDC100(external link)

Multibeam echo-sounder mapping to identify seafloor habitats northwest of D'Urville Island

1541 FW 1541-HZLC118(external link)

A fish Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) for Horizons Regional Council

1546 FW 1546-TSDC107(external link)
A tool to estimate ground water recharge from hillslopes to shallow foothill aquifers
1548 FW 1548-TSDC108(external link)

A strategy to determine the source of intermittent faecal contamination of Tukurua Stream

1550 C 1550-MLDC101(external link)

Marlborough's coastal water quality classification - standards for shellfish gathering and contract recreation classes

1553 BD 1553-HBRC209(external link)

Assessing condition of frostflat heathland at Waipunga, a critically threatened rare ecosystem in Hawkes Bay

1553 BD 1553-HBRC209(external link)

Assessing Condition of Frost Flat Heathland at Waipunga, a Critically Threatened Rare Ecosystem in Hawke’s Bay Region

1555 S 1555-TSDC110(external link)

Background concentrations of trace elements and options for managing soil quality in the Tasman and Nelson Districts v 4-4-18

1562 S 1562-HBRC210(external link)

A review of research on the erosion control effectiveness of naturally reverting mānuka and kanuka

1563 FW 1563-HZLC121(external link)

Toward a framework for water allocation review for Horizons Regional Council - workshop summary

1564 A 1564-HBRC212(external link)

Relationship between climate modes and Hawkes Bay seasonal rainfall and temperature

1571 BD 1571-NLRC182(external link) Mapping the knowledge of insect biodiversity across Northland
1572 BD 1572-NLRC183(external link) Reversing the decline of Utricularia australis in Northland
1573 M 1573-NLCC87(external link) Addition of biocide during vessel biofouling treatment - an assessment of environmental effects
1574 FW 1574-GSDC121(external link) Instream habitat, and minimum flow and allocation requirements in the Mata River
1575 FW 1575-GSDC122(external link) Instream habitat and minimum flow and allocation requirements for the Waiapu River
1585 FW 1585-HBRC214(external link) Better flow measurements in slow, weedy streams - using the Rising Bubble method.pdf
1590 FW 1590-HBRC215(external link) Arable lysimeter review and design - Part 1
1592 FW 1592-TSDC116(external link) Modelling the source and fate of nitrate-nitrogen losses from Waimea Plains land uses
1602 BS 1602-NLRC184(external link) Trends in Vertebrate Pesticide Use and the Importance of a Research Pipeline for Mammalian Pest Control in NZ
1603 BS 1603-NLRC185(external link) Strategic principles and tactical options for managing wild deer in Northland Region
1606 M 1606-MLDC106(external link) Picton Bays environmental information and health assessment
1607 M 1607-MLDC107(external link) History of Benthic Change in Queen Charlotte Sound Totaranui, Marlborough
1608 M 1608-ESRC160(external link) Bilge water risk to Fiordland marine area
1617 FW 1617-TSDC119(external link) Review of the Tasman District Council’s River Water Quality and Aquatic Ecology Monitoring Programmes
1619 A 1619-HZLC126(external link) Climate Change and Variability Horizons Region
1621 A 1621-NLCC88(external link) Air quality management in Nelson - the potential impact of an annual average PM2.5
1622 A 1622-NLCC89(external link) Potential impacts of management measures - heating, household and fuel poverty data - Nelson
1623 FW 1623-MLDC109(external link) Modelling of temperature in Wairau aquifer
1624 FWBD 1624-HZLC127(external link) Manawatu-Wanganui Estuaries Habitat Mapping Vulnerability Assessment and Monitoring Recommendations Related to Issues of Eutrophication and Sedimentation
1626 M 1626-MLDC110(external link) Mitigating Fine Sediment from Forestry in Coastal Waters of the Marlborough Sounds
1630 S 1630-HBRC218(external link) Results of On-line Survey of Soil Fact Sheets
1636 BS 1636-HZLC130(external link) A review of feral goats as a contributor to erosion and the benefits of goat control
1643 M 1643-TSDC121(external link) State of the Bays - Tasman and Golden Bay marine environments
1645 S 1645-ESRC274(external link) Methodology for a GIS-based Land-use Map for Southland- A Review
1660 M 1660-MLDC113(external link) Opportunities for an integrated approach to marine environmental monitoring in the Marlborough Sounds
1665 FW 1665-TSDC125(external link) Water sensitive design for Tasman District Council
1674 TBS 1674-HBRC222(external link)

A Maungaharuru-Tangitū perspective
on wide-scale pest control and biodiversity restoration 

1702 FW 1702-MLDC117(external link)

Analysis of mean annual rainfall for Marlborough District

1703 FW 1703-ESRC277(external link)

Synthesising Water Convergence Zones for Optimised Farm Contaminant Mitigation

1704 M 1704-MLDC118(external link) Summary notes from meeting and field trip on land resource data and forestry issues in the Marlborough Sounds
1707 TBD 1707-MLDC119(external link) Wetland restoration methodology
1709 M 1709-NLCC93(external link) Advice for the NCC Whakamahere Whakatu Nelson Plan - water quality
1710 M 1710-NLCC94(external link) Advice for the NCC Whakamahere Whakatu Nelson Plan: coastal indigenous biodiversity
1713 M 1713-MLDC120(external link) Advice for mussel restoration trials in Pelors Sound - Te Hoiere Marlborough
1714 FW 1714-MLDC121 [PDF, 420 KB] Advice letter CAL 1643 to MDC re Awatere sediment monitoring FINAL
1716 A 1716-NLCC95 [PDF, 1.2 MB] Assessment of the potential disaggregation of Airshed C and implications for air quality management - Nelson
1720  FW 1720-HZLC135(external link)

High resolution monitoring of nitrate in agricultural catchments – a case study on the Manawatu River, New Zealand 

1721 FW 1721-TSDC127(external link) Water clarity monitoring - Te Waikoropupu Springs
1724 FWBD 1724-NLRC194 [PDF, 808 KB] Dune lake galaxias in the Kai Iwi Lakes
1725 M 1725-MLDC123 [PDF, 1.1 MB] Effects of mussel farming on reef-building biogenic habitats - Serpulid reefs
1726 TBS 1726-NLRC196 [PDF, 751 KB] Impacts caused by Hedychium gardnerianum infestations
1727 FW

1727-MLDC124 [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Homogeneity of temperature and rainfall observations at Blenheim
1729 G 1729-HZLC137(external link) National environmental monitoring site identification
1733 FWBD 1733-HBRC223 [PDF, 4.5 MB] Ecosystem health in highly modified lowland catchments- Karamū catchment, Hawkes Bay
1734 M 1734-MLDC126(external link) Effects of sediment deposition on the New Zealand cockle, Austrovenus stutchburyi
1735  M  1735-MLDC127(external link)  Environmental Monitoring Opportunities In Picton Bays
1736 M 1736-MLDC128(external link) Research and sampling strategy for evaluation the effectiveness of sediment erosion mitigation options for plantation forestry in the Marlborough Sounds
1745 G 1745-TSDC129 [PDF, 2 MB] A review of NZ's natural hazards research- informing a regional hazards and risk management roadmap and agenda
1748 A 1748-ESRC278(external link) Assessment of the impacts of regulatory measures targeting domestic home heating on annual average PM2.5 in Invercargill and Gore
1750 M 1750-ESRC279(1)(external link) New River Estuary - Background information
1750 M 1750-ESRC279(2)(external link) New River Estuary - Workshop
1750 M 1750-ESRC279(3)(external link) New River Estuary - Available Consent Information
1752 TBS 1752-MLDC129 [PDF, 764 KB]

Nassella tussock population monitoring system for Marlborough District Council 

1752 TBS 1752-MLDC129 spreadsheet [XLSX, 187 KB]

Nassella tussock monitoring spreadsheet

1753 G 1753-HZLC138(external link)

Potential reporting commonality of regional council data collected for soil conservation, riparian protection, and Farm Environmental Plans

1762 FW 1762-GSDC139(external link)

Review Of Resource Consent Conditions For Stormwater Discharge From Port Log Yards

1764 TBD 1764-GSDC141(external link)

Gap Analysis and mapping of areas of biodiversity outside Protection Management Areas in Gisborne District

1767 FW 1767-GSDC142 [PDF, 3.7 MB]

Faecal source tracking in the Taruheru River, Gisborne

1774 S 1774-TSDC133 [PDF, 13 MB]

Waimea Orchards - Arsenic Bioavailability Assessment

1757 S 1757-HBRC256(external link)

Review of soil quality and trace element State of the Environment monitoring programmes

1758 C 1758-WCRC159(external link)

Assessing the effects of river- gravel extraction on coastal erosion

1777 A 1777-TSDC134 [PDF, 619 KB]

Assessment of the impacts of regulatory measures targeting domestic home heating on annual average PM2.5 in Richmond

1780 TBS 1780-GSDC145 [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Animal pest monitoring and control methods for Waingake Bush 

1781 FWBS 1781-ESRC169(external link)


1782 FWBS

1782-ESRC280(external link)

Drivers of Phormidium blooms in Southland rivers and the development of a predictive model

1784 FW 1784-ESRC283(external link)

Introductory Leapfrog geothermal course

1786 FW 1786-TSDC136(external link)

Review of suspended sediment measurement techniques

1801 S 1801-MLDC132(external link)

Updating guidelines for the interpretation of soil organic matter (carbon and nitrogen) indicators of soil quality for state of the environment monitoring

1807 S 1807-ESRC285(external link)

Identifying Pollutant Sources within the Waimea Catchment

1808 S 1808-MLDC135(external link)

Evaluation of S-map Water Retention Predictions, by comparison with Wairau Valley soil sample

1809 A 1809-MLDC136(external link)

Spray drift monitoring systems

1810 FW 1810-TSDC137(external link)

Interpetation of isotopic and chemical testing of groundwaters in the Takaka Valley

1812 FW 1812-GSDC146(external link)

Investigation of groundwater-surface water interaction in the Te Arai R Gisborne, using radon-222 and concurrent stream flow gauging

1815 M 1815-MLDC137(external link)

Effects of moorings on different types of marine habitats

1816 FW 1816-TSDC138(external link)

Lake Killarney eutrophication

1817 C 1817-HZLC140(external link)

A review of available information for the open coastal waters of the Manawatu-Whanganui region

1819 FW 1819-TSDC139 [PDF, 2.1 MB]

Continuous Water Clarity Monitoring in Te Waikoropupū Springs

1827 M 1827-MLDC140(external link)

Regional application of antifouling and in-water clearance guidelines

1828 S 1828-GSDC147(external link)

Evaluation of the effectiveness of dung beetles in improving the environmental health of land and rivers within Tairawhiti

1829 FWBS 1829-HZLC142(external link)

Stimulation of river periphyton growth by ammoniacal-N vs. nitrate-N

1830 FW 1830-HBRC230(external link)

Survey design and laboratory analyses for the monitoring of lake sediment quality

1831 S 1831-HBRC231 [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Research Roadmap - Land and Soil 2018-2020

1833 FW 1833-ESRC172 [PDF, 652 KB]

 Field trip notes Catchments Otago Visit to Southland January 2018

1835 FW 1835-TSDC141 [PDF, ]

Evaluation of the physiographic method for Tasman District

1837 TBD 1837-HBRC232 [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Conservation signficance of upper Ripia frost flat heathland, a Critically Threatened Ecosystem in Hawkes Bay

1838 FWBD 1838-HZLC143 [PDF, 5.8 MB]

Groundwater Ecosystems:Functions, values, impacts and management

1840 S 1840-WCRC170(external link)

Advice for application of the physiographic approach to the West Coast Region

1841 TBS 1841-ESRC502 [PDF, 762 KB]

A review of the damage caused by wild mammalian herbivores to primary production in New Zealand

1844 FW 1844-NLRC203 [PDF, 4.3 MB]

Transfer of knowledge and implementation of routine analysis of environmental samples for the presence of naturalised E. coli.

1845 TBD 1845-GSDC148  [PDF, 3.9 MB]

Waimata River riparian zone description and guidance for restoration

1846 TBD 1846-GSDC149 [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Restoration options for Tuamotu Island, Gisborne

1847 S 1847-MLDC149 [PDF, 5.8 MB]

Review of work to determine background concentations and develop ecological guideline values for soil contaminants in New Zealand

1848 FW 1848-WCRC171 [PDF, 2.7 MB]

Investigating the sources of E. coli contamination at Marrs & Shingle beaches- Using Systems Thinking with a Stakeholder Reference Group

1849 FWBD 1849-HZLC144(external link)

Restoration Planning for Deep Dune Lakes- Data Review and Recommendations

1850 FWBD 1850-HZLC145(external link)

Restoration Planning for Shallow Dune Lakes- Data Review and Recommendations

1854 TBD 1854-GSDC150 [PDF, 2.7 MB]

Conserving indigenous fauna within production forestry landscapes

1855 FW 1855-NLRC205(external link)

A Scoping Workshop For Monitoring The Effects Of Water Allocation

1856 FW 1856-HBRC235 [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Constructed Wetlands to meet DIN concentration targets in Tukituki Catchment

1860 FW 1860-TSDC142 [PDF, 2.1 MB]

Continuous Water Clarity Monitoring in Te Waikoropupū Springs

1861 FWBD 1861-TSDC143 [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Sampling considerations and protocols for assessing groundwater ecosystems

1863 FW 1863-HZLC147 [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Groundwater level forecasting

1871 TBD 1871-WCRC172(external link)
Review of ecological and natural hazard management values in Kongahu Wetland
1872 M 1872-HZLC148(external link)
Review of Estuarine Water Quality Monitoring for the Horizons Region
1879 S 1879-GSDC152 [PDF, 3.7 MB]

Best practices for reducing harvest residues and mitigating mobilisation of harvest residues in steepland plantation forests.

1880 FW 1880-WCRC173(external link) The potential use of sphagnum moss to improve river health and as an economically and ecologically sustainable crop
1902 G 1902-ESRC207 [PDF, 577 KB]

 A review of microplastics risk – implications for environment southland

1903 FWBD 1903-TSDC148(external link)

 Wetland delineation protocols

1904 FW 1904-ESRC288 [PDF, 743 KB]

Discussion Paper- A potential methodology for assessing farm dairy effluent systems

1905 A 1905-TSDC149(external link)

 Scoping Requirements for an air quality model for Tasman District Council

1913 A 1913-HBRC238 [PDF, 409 KB]

 Developing methodologies for studying health impacts of wood smoke in small population centres in New Zealand

1914 A 1914-NLCC104(external link)

Nelson Wildlife Halo Operational Plan review

1915 M 1915-NLCC105(external link)

A water quality monitoring programme for estuaries in the Nelson Region

1925 C 1925-WCRC174 [PDF, 3.6 MB]

The influence of structures on erosion of the north bank of the Mokihinui River mouth

1929 FW 1929-WCRC176(external link)

The potential use of sphagnum moss to improve river health and as an economically and ecologically sustainable crop

1930 A 1930-WCRC177 [PDF, 205 KB]

Carbon Sequestration on the West Coast

1955 S 1955-NLRC214 [PDF, 1.5 MB]

 Mapping of Northland’s hydric soils, wetlands, and water bodies


Code key:

  • A = Air
  • C = Coastal
  • FW = Freshwater
  • FWBD = Freshwater Biodiversity
  • FWBS = Freshwater Biosecurity
  • G = General
  • M = Marine
  • MBD = Marine Biodiversity
  • MBS = Marine Biosecurity
  • MS = Milford Sound
  • S = Soil
  • TBD = Terrestrial Biodiversity
  • TBS = Terrestrial Biosecurity

Council codes:

  • NLRC = Northland Regional Council
  • GSDC = Gisbourne District Council
  • HBRC = Hawkes Bay Regional Council
  • HZLC = Horizons Regional Council
  • NLCC = Nelson City Council
  • MLDC = Malborough District Council
  • TSDC = Tasman District Council
  • WCRC = West Coast Regional Council
  • ESRC = Environment Southland Regional Council